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Strategic Planning
& Execution

  Watson Performance Solutions works with your board of directors and senior staff to develop a strategic plan that is actionable and impactful. Increasing customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of success. It is possible to increase financial strength AND improve reliability AND strengthen rate competitiveness. If you already have a strategic plan, WPS can support you with implementation, measurement, and reporting.


“If you aren’t keeping score, it’s just practice.” Ronald D. Snee

Utilizing a balanced scorecard approach, Watson Performance Solutions has a proven track record of helping clients improve operations, reduce risk, and raise customer satisfaction levels.

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Electric Rate

Watson Performance Solutions can help leverage your technology investment to stabilize monthly income for the utility and lower the cost of energy for the end user.




Risk Mitigation

The single biggest risk to an electric utility is the weather. When revenue collection is mis-aligned with wholesale power cost, the risk is amplified. Watson Performance Solutions helps you reduce weather risk by creating a rate roadmap that aligns wholesale and retail rates. In the process, your consumers will be able to lower their energy cost through access to price signals in the wholesale rate.

Revenue by Source


Energy Management
Analyze. Train. Report.

Lowering energy cost at your facility requires understanding the electric rate and analyzing how your operation impacts the total electric bill each month. With this understanding, Watson Performance Solutions trains your staff to schedule processes in a manner that minimizes cost. Each month WPS delivers a detailed report to identify aspects of your process that negatively impact your electricity cost. These process changes translate to customers seeing a 5% to 15% reduction in their energy cost.

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Through many years of working with Michael, in his capacity as a utility manager, engineer and consultant, I have found him to be a thorough, thoughtful, informed and dedicated subject matter expert and advocate. His insight and expertise are valuable assets.
-Danette Scudder
-Danette ScudderExecutive Vice President, Member Services and Strategic Relations
Tennessee Valley Public Power Association (TVPPA)

Vice President Distributors Insurance Company (DIC)
Michael Watson led our integration teams to a create a joint venture involving three different companies. To achieve alignment between the two parent companies and three different employee groups required a high degree of diligence, patience and leadership, which are talents Michael has and uses effectively. Early on in the engagement Michael asked us to define what success or failure would look like for this project. That one simple tool served as a reminder during the process as Michael led us through the tough decisions and challenges involved in blending the three companies into one. I do not believe we would have achieved a successful go live without Michael’s involvement. I engaged Michael to perform a new energy analysis project specifically for Tennessee Farmers Cooperative. I highly recommend WPS services.
-Bart Krisle
-Bart KrisleCEO Tennessee Farmers Cooperative
BCUD invested in energy efficiency measures including changes to lighting and other systems to lower costs, now they were looking for other ways to lower their energy bill. We were frustrated because the bill and rate are difficult to interpret, WPS helped us understand both. The key to success was having Watson Performance Solutions make specific recommendations on operations to lower the peak demand charge. The feedback from the Board of Commissioners has been positive. They are concerned about costs throughout the system and see this as an area of recuring costs and are pleased to see ongoing savings.
Buddy Koonce, General Manager
Buddy Koonce, General ManagerBedford County Utility District