Strategic Planning
and Execution

Watson Performance Solutions works with your board of directors and senior staff to develop a strategic plan that is both actionable and impactful, with increased customer satisfaction as the ultimate measure of success. It is possible to increase financial strength AND improve reliability AND strengthen rate competitiveness. Already have a strategic plan in place? WPS can provide support with implementation, measurement, and reporting.

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“If you aren’t keeping score, it’s just practice.” Ronald D. Snee

Utilizing a balanced scorecard approach, Watson Performance Solutions has a proven track record of helping clients improve operations, reduce risk, and increase customer satisfaction.

Electric Rate Design

Electric rates in the United States, by and large, were designed in response to metering technology that has been in place since the 1930’s. Utilities now have access to modern metering technology that provides an array of options for consumers. Watson Performance Solutions can help leverage your technology investment to stabilize monthly income for the utility and lower the cost of energy for the end user.

Financial Forecasting

Are wild swings in your margin caused by weather driven peaks, over-collection, and under-collection,  creating frustration for you and your board of directors? Watson Performance Solutions can’t change the weather, but we can help put these variations into perspective. Modelling your revenue and wholesale power costs and comparing current performance against historical weather patterns can help you manage weather related risks.

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Energy Management for Mid-Size Commercial and Industrial Companies

Energy Management for Mid-Size Commercial and Industrial Companies

Lowering energy cost at your facility requires a comprehensive understanding of the electric rate and an in-depth analysis of how your operation impacts the total electric bill each month. Watson Performance Solutions delivers a  detailed monthly report to identify aspects of your operations that negatively impact your energy cost. With this data-driven insight, WPS trains your staff to schedule processes in a way that minimizes cost.  Customers typically see a 5% to 15% reduction in their average energy cost.

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Public Speaking

Challenging and entertaining audiences over the past 30 years, Michael breaks complex topics into practical and usable information. Speaking at numerous events including TechAdvantage, the TVPPA Annual Conference, E&O as well as Accounting conferences, Watson inspires people to put customers first and demonstrates the advantage of Public Power.

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